#Man On Top: Fela Durotoye

Fela Durotoye, made history by signing over 10,000 books in 8 hour in 2012

Fela Durotoye, made history by signing over 10,000 books in 8 hour in 2012

Happy new week Readers our Man on Top is Fela Durotoye a graduate of Computer Science and Economics from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and an MPhil. in Strategic Management from the same institution.

Like the Apostle Paul, some have described him as all things to all men. To the over 2,450 people who have registered as his protégés, he is a mentor.
To many people who have heard him speak at national, business or youth conferences around the world, he is an internationally sought-after motivational speaker.
To any of the 14 banks that his organisation consults for, or anyone who meets him at business strategy meetings or training rooms, he is aconsultant extraordinaire.
To many business executives, he is a life coach and to most people who have heard him at various church programs, he is a preacher, teacher and many say he is an“Apostle in the Marketplace”.
Many of the readers of his books, The 17 Secrets of High flying Students and The Dream Subordinate of Every Boss (the Secret to being the Right Candidate for Promotion Always),have described this enigma as a life-saving author.
Yet to Fela Durotoye, he is just an ordinary man being used by ane xtraordinary God to change nations into desirable societies one person at a time.

7 Secrets of FD has he’s popularly called are:
1. A deep love for God, evidenced by total obedience & submission to God
2. Instant, Willing & Excited Obedience to God.
3. Be blind to the accolades of men.
4. Be deaf to the applause of men.
5. A passion for my nation and its people.
6. Total commitment to excellence: Nothing less than excellence is acceptable!
7. A total love for my family!
Sources: Ynaija, lifecentricwithda.com


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