Must Read! A Blog Reader Narrates Experience With Fraudsters

On a fateful Friday Morning just like every other my routine is to go to UTME tutorials and enjoy the rest of the day at home. That morning I was a bit late than usual and so was in a hurry as I headed to the bus top. My classes commences 9am and no bus seems to be coming, I was starting to feel dejected until a danfo strode near me I hopped in as fast as I could. The already in occupancy of the bus were a old man clad in dansiki, two young guys and of course the driver and his able conductor.
I wasn’t quick to notice I was the only female amidst grown men. After we stride past 3 bus top one of the guys alighted at this point I was comfortable as I saw it has a normal thing.
The journey continued in silences except for the chattering of the old bus. Afterawhile, the driver in a chronic igbo accent asked the old man ‘oga wetin you put for that cartoon wey they booth’.
The old man snapped at him ‘exeercise book’
The driver insisted he was lieing that it was money that he had in the cartoons.
‘Choi wetin be your own’ I thought.
It became a troll between the owners of the bus and the old man. The old man later opened on that he’s oga left him with the money when he tried to rape him from aback but he refused he had no option but to take the money with him. That was the last thing I heard!
As I opened my eyes I found myself in an underground place I couldn’t get my bearings at this point. I was so weak and agitated. As I looked forward I sighted a white garment church. The others from the bus where also with me but I don’t see them feeling as tired as I was. A woman dressed in a white garment came to us and asked us to kneel down. She took my hand and said a lot about me which were very correct! She keep chanting stuffs I don’t understand and saying words that sound like speaking in tongues. Later she summoned the driver who said their was 82 million dollars in the cartoon they argued about in the bus. That was when I knew they were a team! They struck a deal on how we would all share the money. The woman said before I could get my share that I must bring 62 thousand naira to claim it. I told them I don’t have that kind of money they should just let me go already. The woman told me that I will go into my uncle’s room and take the money there, she gave strict warnings that not one soul most hear this and if I don’t obey whoever I tell will bleed to death.
Oh at this announcement my heartbeat was faster than Usain Bolts’ legs. My legs were weak, the good thing was they didn’t take my phone. They exchanged numbers with me and never stop insisting I must bring the money. I managed to get out of there and what made me never to go back with the money was definitely God’s intervention.

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