Pathetic: Australian TV star commits suicide after receiving abuse on Twitter

Australian TV star and former model Charlotte Dawson who is famous for TV shows such as ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’. She killed herself after receiving abuse from vicious trolls on Twitter just hours before she died.
She’s had a history of depression in recent times.
She was found dead in her Sydney apartment February 22nd. Police said there were no suspicious circumstances. She had taken prescription tablets with wine and tweeted:’you win’in a suicide note.

My message for y’all:
Please let’s all curb our tongues when its comes to bullying others especially celebrities they are open to a large populace and its hard to take in cyber bullying. This reminds me of 1st 3 lines of Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts that’s exactly the way most people have their lives every now and then so don’t make it worse, for the love of God see good in others. Leave their imperfections ‘cos you ain’t gonna change them. Think about it this way when you hating on people God keeps blessing them!


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