Recipe of The Day: Scotch Egg


Who hasn’t had a taste of scotch egg? This snack can be found at almost all fast food restaurants or eateries and are simply delicious. Its surprisingly so easy to make, that you’ll never have to go to an eatery anytime you need one. Here’s how to makeYou’d be needing:
– 3 hard boiled eggs
– 200g minced sausage meat
(I minced my sausage meat with onions, but don’t do that if this is your first time)
– 1/2 teaspoon stock powder/stock cube
– A pinch of nutmeg
– A pinch of salt
– 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
– 50 grams plain flour,
– 1 raw egg, beaten
– 50 grams bread crumbs, finely ground
– vegetable oil, for deep frying

How to prepare:
*Grind the sausage meat, if you haven’t done that already
*Boil the eggs , peel of the shell and set aside
*Break the raw egg, whisk it and set aside
*Place the minced sausage meat into a bowl;add the stock powder, nutmeg, black pepper and salt. Mix thoroughly until all the ingredients are well incorporated .
*Now take some of the meat and flatten it on your palm. Roll the hard boiled egg on the flour and then place it on the flattened meat on your other palm. Roll the meat over the egg ,until the egg is completely covered with the sausage meat.
*Next, deep the meat covered egg into the raw egg, making sure that the meat covered egg is covered with the raw egg.
*Then transfer the meat covered egg into the bowl with the bread crumbs and roll the egg in it, until the egg is completely covered with the bread crumbs.
Repeat the process for the remaining eggs and set aside.
*Now, heat up the vegetable oil on medium heat and and fry the scotch eggs until brown. Then transfer unto a sieve lined with paper towels


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