Returning Favours

You’ve not done any good until you do something to someone that can’t pay you back.

Hello dearies! How’s the weekend rolling? This is something have hoped to talk about. What are our motives for lending an helping hand. Let’s think of this scenario, you have a friend you’ve been nothing but good to and you don’t really care if he/she strives to match the level of impart and generosity you have shown. Everything seems to be going well and like every other human that ain’t perfect you do something wrong to this individual they would be so quick to hold your shortcomings against you. This is someone you’ve been good to but would rather return evil than favors.

Drifting to another side of this topic, so many people help only those the now would be of help to them later. It becomes like an investment to some people because every kind deed deserve a return or yield. Yeske! Na do me I do you.

To me good deeds can be reciprocated, but it should come from the heart with absolute wiliness and joy. There’s always something to throwback but remember it should be good. X


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