Top 7 things only Men can do


I saw this interesting article on AskMen and I decided to share it with you guys. There’s no denying that there are fundamental differences in what women and men are capable of doing well. Here’s a list to spell it out from a man’s perspective.Go topless
Sure, women can go topless on the beach, but we can do it whenever and wherever we please. Walking down the street? Off. Mowing the lawn? Off. Kick about in the park? Skins. Still in doubt? Useless nipples and the lack of oversized sweat glands are the reasons for this entry on our list of things only men can do.

Hold our booze
Sorry ladies, we’re genetically wired to pack it away a lot better than you. Men produce more of the protective enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, which breaks down alcohol. This ultimately means that while you’re buzzing off one Cosmo and saying “I love this song” for five songs straight, we can enjoy another two whisky sours and continue to debate whether or not the world can be saved from global warning.

Shave our heads
Sure, Natalie Portman, Sigourney Weaver and Demi Mooreall sheared their locks for Hollywood, but as a true lifestyle choice in everyday society, guys have mastered the bald top. From Harry Hill, to David Beckhamto Samuel L. Jacksonguys wear bald better. Still need more proof? Just look at bald Britney. Result: Shaving our heads is something only men can do.

Violent swearing
Women are classier creatures than us, so there’s something slightly wrong about a member of the fairer sex opening her mouth to spout out the ‘f’ word, or even worse the ‘c’ word in public. It’s like a fork being scraped against a plate — it makes you cringe and it instantly stops you in your tracks. And not in a good way.
In Lethal Weapon 4, Joe Pesci’s character, Leo Getz goes on an f-word fuelled rant about mobile phones charging you for the first minute: you know it’s foul, but somehow you find it cool. Can you say the same when you watch a foul-mouthed rant from a chav guest on the Jeremy Kyle show?

Fertilize Eggs
Call it mankind, humankind or peoplekind, we have fertilised history. Yes, our swimmers are under siege from early scientific studies that show women can create sperm from their own bone marrow. And of course, studies are also underway to grow babies out of the womb. Are these studies headed by lesbians? Anyway, until our offspring are named 1765A and 1766B, our tadpoles will continue to hit the target

Stick ourselves in things
Yep, we can stick ourselves into the middle of things better than anything else. Of course, some of us can do it better than others, but no amount of plastic pegs, rods or mambas can come close to our natural technique.

Getting sexier with age
Sorry ladies, all your creams, moisturisers and youth-in-a-bottle remedies have nothing on us. Our male hormones give us thicker skin, which means we get fewer wrinkles and our skin stays younger longer. Helen Mirren aside, women have Joan Riversto look forward to, we have Sean Connery. Keith Richards? Well, we’ll just count him as a genetic anomaly.


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