How to Remember Directions

It may be difficult to remember directions because of too many bits of repetitious, unfamiliar data being fed into your mind. If you’re going to remember a lot of left and right turns amidst all the roads and blocks you’ll be traveling, chances are, you will get totally confused.

What you have to do is to ask for a landmark. If your friend tells you to “turn right after the third block,” you can ask what landmark you will see when you turn right. If your friend answers that it’s a barber shop, then you will certainly know in what block you will turn right to.Another dilemma would be on how to remember all the “lefts” and “rights.” The solution is simple. You can convert “left” and “right” into clear images that represent these words. For example, you can use “lizards” for left and “rats” for right. So if your friend tells you to “turn right after the third block,” you can imagine large furry rats scurrying all over the barber shop.

These can also be applicable in Remembering Addresses, For example, you want to remember3 2 Alero Avenue. You can turn 2 into moon (3 = m, 2 = n, then add vowels). Then for Alero, you can visualize a belle with a pretty smile. Then link everything together.


4 thoughts on “How to Remember Directions”

  1. Nice but dis address issh works in jand.
    Come Naija houses no get number,
    All we get na bustop #If u reach bustop, call ma number, i go come pick u.. <<dats wassup


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