How to wear Boyfriend Blazer


Boyfriend blazer has been very popular for the last couple of year and its also an hot trend right now. They are versatile, they can easily be worn casually , but they can also be dressed up for any event or business meetings.
The can come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, colors, and patterns each to suit your desire.
You can wear a boyfriend blazer with Leggings/Jeggings, Skinny Jeans, Shorts, cocktail dress,”>

Go One Size Up
A boyfriend blazer is meant to look like it really is your boyfriend’s blazer. It should also be a little big on your shoulders and slightly larger but not too big.
Roll Up The Sleeves
One of the characteristics of the boyfriend blazer. Rolling up the sleeves adds your own little touch.
Avoid Shoulder Pads
If you want to make an old blazer work as a boyfriend blazer, lose the shoulder pads.

Double Breasted Boyfriend Blazer

Double Breasted Boyfriend Blazer


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