Recipe Of The Day | Yam Porridge with vegetables


OMG! Been a while i posted a recipe on this column X_X. Now am back and its here to stay :). Happy weekend sweeties. If you missed the last recipe do check HERE. Today we’d be looking at Yam Porridge with vegetables. I so love this meal especially when you make it with the right yam (not all those bitter yam, yuck!) Nuff said! Here’s how to make this tongue smacking delicacyIngredients:
1 medium sized tuber of Yam
Ugu/spinach leaves(as much as you want)
2 cooking spoonful Palm Oil
1 Pepper (atarodo)
2 tablespoonful ground Crayfish
1 bouillon/stock cube
1 onion bulb
Smoked or cooked dried fish
Salt to taste
How to preparation:
Cut and peel of the skin of the yam. Rinse thoroughly and place in a pot

Add some water and salt to taste, and leave to boil for 15 minutes

Now add the palm oil, chopped onions, pepper, stock cube and cooked dried fish and cook until the yam is done.

Add the sliced vegetables and simmer for 5 minutes and your Nigerian Yam Porridge with Vegetables is ready.


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