Fashionista Of The Day | Ajoke Mopelola

Helo! Helo! I am super excited to bring you another FOTD. Newbies on this BLOG I say welcome to you all. I hope you stick around and check other post HERE. You missed the last FOTD? HERE. If you like to be part of this send a mail to Let’s meet today’s featureAm Ope Ajoke Mopelola, a 200 level student of Lagos State University. I love dancing, adventure and looking good

What is your greatest fashion Pet- peeve
Wearing a white blouse with a scarf around the neck on a blue poodle skirt

Describe your style
I love wearing mini gowns flat shoes,high heels, wrapped gown jeans nd panties
Your fashion icon
Kim Kardashian

What can’t you be caught doing
Reading novel

Your most favourite fashion item
A black heels pepped toes

Your favourite designer
Miuccia prada

Thanks for stopping by, what do you think of her style?
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35 thoughts on “Fashionista Of The Day | Ajoke Mopelola”

  1. Love ur sense on choice when it comes to mixing up colours and outfit have always admired that about you and always wanted to say so great blog and am a huge fan.


  2. Always proud of you Dearie…anytime any anywhere anywhether i can thats my friend my Crewmate my dearest….#like its known LOOKING GOOD IS GOOD BUSINESS#


  3. You such a great dresser with a beautiful sense of humour….. #Fashionista toh behddd….. **doffs-hat**… U never dissapoint sha, keep it up…


  4. Da babe always look good. All I can say is that she is Classy and she’s got style. I am proud to call her my sister from another mother.


  5. What more can be as adorable as a simple but unique dress sense with a touch of class and elegance… Gorgeous!!!


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