Review: Michelle Williams feat. Beyonce and Kelly Rowland – Say Yes

Happy new week lovely peeps! How was your weekend?
Who has seen Michelle Williams’ gospel music video Say Yes? she teamed up with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Errmm this is a review tho, felt like doing this and here we are. I love how she started the intro with claps and chants, it gave a cue it won’t be a boring video to watch.Then it started with her crooning the chorus and she beautifully jumped into the first verse, there’s something uniquely different about her voice did you hear it too? I love the delivery. I like the fact that the chorus is a popular melody here in Nigeria, not sure about its root but a site claims it from a Nigeria hymn, that alone will make you want to say it all.

Beyonce came in with her sonorous voice and you need to see her long braids. I wasn’t feeling her ethereal white dress in the 1st scene though, guess am used to the Queen Bey we know. The next solo sung by the last of the trio was quite uplifting.
Its such a fun video with lots of African inspired dance steps. The height of the video was when the girls swayed on the stage like old times, I was like awwn.

My disappointments; I don’t get why the lyrics were repeated. Was expecting much more like everyone probably was, especially when you hear 3 super talented ladies decide to jump on a track. Contrary to my opinion stated earlier about the chorus, I still don’t get why artistes thinks it fine to recycle some other persons song this is a common trend among Nigeria Gospel artistes too. You think am wrong listen to Yinka Ayefele and the likes.
In conclusion, its an interesting video that you would like to see and put on replay.
You can download the video here. DOWNLOAD VIDEO
What do you think of my review?
Which of the soloist did it for you? Lemme read your thoughts please use the comment box
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8 thoughts on “Review: Michelle Williams feat. Beyonce and Kelly Rowland – Say Yes”

  1. I totally get what you mean, it would have been better if there were more lyrics and the thing is most people hearing this song for the first time will have no idea it roots are nigerian. Michelle did sound different but Kelly killed it.


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