How To Save Time

#1. Enjoy whatever you are doing#2. Do first things first.
#3. Don’t waste time regretting failures.
#4. Don’t waste time feeling guilty of what you don’t do.
#5. Plan ahead
#6. Set priorities for each day.
#7. Put your thinking on paper
#8. Listen attentively during discussions.
#9. Work near where you live…( Chances of this is unlikely)
#10. Early to bed, early to rise.
#11. Get satisfaction out of every minute
#12. Write down everything you have to do.
#13. Stop procrastinating
#14. Stop worrying.
#15. Plan your meals and outfit ahead of time.
#16. Learn to say no.
Thanks for stopping. What are your time saving tips?
Have a great weekend ahead…xo
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