Fashionista Of The Day | Micheal Lazarus

How are my lovely peeps doing today? Today’s FOTD is a male (we should drink to tha) whoop! I told you guys its open to both male and female as long as you know you’ve got styleee! Just send a mail to If you missed the last FOTD just sneak HERE.
Moving on shall we meet today’s featureMy name is Micheal Lazarus from Imo state. I love drawing , acting and playing basketball. I love pretty ladies as well

What is your greatest fashion Pet- peeve
I hate seeing people in aso ebi and yellow shirts

Describe your style
I love being cool with ever i do or wear…i wear wath makes me happy n don’t care wath peeps think or say about it..I am just a simple fashionista who loves to express his mood through dresses

What you can’t be caught doing

Your most favorite fashion item
Its weird..but i love handbags and bags..though i don’t carry dem

Your favourite designer
Louis Vuitton

Your fashion icon
Jay Z and Neyo, they dress expensive but simple

Thanks for visiting, what do you think of his style?
Have a fab day XOXO
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