Nail Art on Natural Nails + Tips to grow nails

I get uneasy ( na dats not the word cos am feeling like the weight of the world is on my nails) with artificial nails. I did this 2 months ago and I couldn’t figure out how to make a post of it, someone said it looks like cookies (you gotta be kidding me). Anyhoo if it might interest you am gonna tell you how to grow your nails longer and still look fly.

Garlic: is very effective to make your nails grow fast. Apply garlic paste to your nails twice a week or simply cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on your nails. Its juices will be absorbed by the nail.

Hand Lotion: Using hand lotion regularly will moisturize your cuticles as well as your hands. Never tried this but you can always find one in saloons, stores, etc.

File: You can’t undermine the importance of a filer if you wanto leave your nails natural and grow them. File you nails in one direction to avoid splitting.

Nail Hardeners: As the name implies it helps the nail to be kinda hard and tendencies of it breaking is limited.

Don’t bite: You want your nails long? So why bite them. Well am not gonna write an epistle on how to keep your nails outta your mouth!

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12 thoughts on “Nail Art on Natural Nails + Tips to grow nails”

  1. thanks for sharing love. this is great + I would be waiting for your post on how to keep nails from the mouth. I am so guilty of this *covers face * Agbaya like me Lol.
    so I fixed almost time to help me against biting my nails


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