Benefits Of Pears

Happy new week lovely peeps! Hope you had a great weekend.
I saw a snippet on uses of pears in a magazine and I decided to make a post on it with the help of google. Normally, I am not a person that likes the fruit pear, I just can’t eat it! But I believe every creation of God has its own peculiar purpose that shouldn’t be undermined. Let’s see them benefits:#1 Keep Wrinkles Away: Munch on pears daily to stay away from aging. This will be a hard one for me but I am willing to eat it anyways. Stay forever young!

#2 Blood pressure: Anti-carcinogen glutathione and anti-oxidants present in pears help in controlling the blood pressure.

#3. Healthy and Nourished Hair: Pears, especially the ripe ones feeds the hair roots, nourishes the scalp and keeps the hair moisturized.

#4. Controls blood sugar level: Regular (don’t just eat one and except it to work immediately) intake of pears helps in controlling the sugar levels in the blood and prevents diabetes.

#5 Prevents cancer: A pear a day can prevent breast cancer by upto 34% in women after menopause.

#6 Treat Oily Skin: If you have an oily skin, pears can be really beneficial for you. Just smash a pear and mix fresh cream and honey with it. Use this paste thrice a week as a face mask.

#7 Get Acne-Free Skin: People with acne-prone skin can also be benefited by pears. As a result, their skin becomes able to fight against acne, pimple and all other types of skin infections from inside.

#8 Fever: The cooling effect in pear is excellent in relieving fever. Best way to bring a fever down quickly is by drinking a big glass of pear juice.

Have a great week ahead…xo
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