Happy New Month!!!

Just Like the Eagle, You shall soar
You will be Valued Like the Gold
You shall shine bright Like the Sun,
You shall flow unlimited Like the River
Happy new month darlings!Its official the 8th month is here I am thankful, the last 7 month had its own challenges but His mercy kept us thus far. I wish you all a blessed month, may your heart desire come to fulfillment nd His sufficient grace encompass you.
I wasn’t going to do a post today cos school has been super hectic but here we are :D. Thank God is friday! I will be owabe-ing (party) tomorrow 😀 I am not sure there will be a post. Thanks for viewing and commenting on this blog. Please don’t stop!!! Xoxo

PS. Happy married life to Aunty BB and her Boo, we turnnnin up tomorrow.
And that is how the wicked people of NYSC ‘threw’ my doroblogger Amaka to Sokoto. I remember you in prayers and I ask that His mark of ownership protect you from evil.
Happy birthday in advance to all the August babies (Temmie and co)

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