Recipe Of The Day: Gizdodo

Been awhile we had recipe of the day *covers face* in the last feature I asked you guys to send in your recipes, but no one did (its still open o) anyhoo, I was super excited when Amaka of Seyon Hundeyin’s Blog agreed to give us her recipe (thanks dearie),. She is such a sweet person, a badass cook (you will testify soon), has a B.Sc in food science and she is currently serving her Mother land in Sokoto and you can check her blog HERE she talks about everything without holding barrels. So let see the recipe

Ripe plantain, gizzard, seasonings, thyme, curry, salt, vegetable oil or any other oil, bell pepper, tomato and onions

How to prepare
Wash the plantain to get rid of sand. Peel and dice into cubes.

Put oil inside the frying pan and allow to get hot.

Add diced plantain (I don’t salt my plantain).

Fry till golden brown and put in sieve to drain excess oil.

While plantain is frying, wash the gizzard and put in pot.

While plantain is frying, wash the gizzard and put in pot. Add seasoning, salt, thyme and curry. Add enough water as you’ll need the stock later
Cook for 25 minutes. When done, remove the cooked gizzard and set aside to cool.

Dice the gizzard into cubes and set aside

Blend pepper, onions and tomato (not smooth though) heat oil and add the blended mixture. Allow to fry and add stock (you can allow to dry but I don’t like my gizdodo dry so I don’t allow the stew mix to dry)
Add the diced gizzard and leave for 2 minutes.
Add the fried Dodo and stir properly. Set gas on low and allow to simmer for one minute and viola, gizdodo is ready

You can eat it as the main dish, eat as dessert, serve with rice or beans.

Food is ready!

Food is ready!

Thanks for reading, send pictures to when you try it.


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