Water Therapy – Benefits of Drinking Water

Apologies for not bringing this post earlier has promised, so glad I could make it today.I attend a Baptist church and one of the things I like about the denomination is the knowledge that is being imparted through numerous programs. It is on one of this programs that the benefits of water therapy was brought to light, the topic was ‘foods’ but the congregation successfully turned it into a ‘water therapy’ segment o and that tells you how enlightening the subject is, yours truly wasn’t left out even has I fiddled with my phone in church :p and. then i decided I was gonna share it with you’ll.
Water therapy is helpful in curing diseases without using medicine. You just have to drink 1.5 liter of water each day and follow simple instructions to get rid of terrible diseases. It is a natural remedy for most diseases. The health personnel that gave the lecture said Doctors actually put patients on water therapy when it seem impossible to decipher cure to some ailment. Note that, I am not keen on self medication I am just sharing what I learnt with you guys.

Even before I heard more on water therapy I knew drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is said to purify the body system. It is said that the amount of water consumed actually depends on how effective it will work. It detox the body through urine and sweat. It said that it increases the production of new blood cells and muscles. I don’t need to go into chemistry or biology to explain the need to gulp some glass of water into your system.
Drinking water after waking up helps in reducing weight. I don’t have a problem with people on the big side but if you’ve got issues with your weight you might as well drink on. It also leaves your skin glowing, I remember reading Linda Ikeji’s blog sometimes ago, I saw an interview with 40 year old Superstar actress Gabrielle (what’s her age now sev?) spilling that one of the secrets of her ageless look is that 1-liters of water goes down her throat daily. Drinking 6 (or even more) glasses of water a day does not result into belly fat.

Thanks for reading…xoxo
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9 thoughts on “Water Therapy – Benefits of Drinking Water”

  1. HEHEHEH NO WONDER I LOOK SO OLD, AND MY MUSCLES REFUSED TO COME OUT. 😦 Mehnn I hardly drink water oh Bubba, maybe a Sachet of Pure water a day is all i drink. Mehn thats bad… I also start my day with a cup of coffee,or a lipton Bag..

    Thanks for sharing Bubba, from henceforth, i will start filling my Coffee cup to the Brim heheh so we have little coffee content and plent water. **Winks. Thanks Bubba, this was such an inspiring read. 🙂


  2. i drink water like its going out of fashion , it got so bad that friends and relatives i go to visit now call me a fish….lol But really this post is very good , people should drink more water than soda drinks and alcohol.It has huge benefits. Great post.



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