DIY Ombre Nail Tutorial

I have always been curious about how ombre nails are made to look beautiful and attractive. I mistakely bumped on this SITE they have about 95 tutorials, I decided to steal one to show you I try na. If you don’t get the pictorial just read;
♥ Select a color palette paints. For starters, apply nail varnish layer at the base, which will protect your nails before the autumnal plate.
♥Paint your nails twice the brightest color of paint you have chosen.
♥Sponge cut up into pieces. On a small piece of kitchen sponge, apply a little paint and apply on each nail for about half its length. The resulting effect is to remind delicate shading.
♥ On another piece of sponge, apply darker paint and spread it on each nail as before, but in an even smaller area, starting from the bottom of the nail.
♥Repeat this process any number of times, depending on the effect you want to achieve.
♥ At the very end we put the darkest nail varnish (maybe even black).


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