Exclusive Interview with Miss ANSU 2014 Onochie Chioma

Recently Onochie Chioma emerged the new Miss Anambra State University 2014/2015, in a colourful beauty pageant held at the school. The show was a parade of beauties, but her beauty put together with brains and shouts of approval from the audience each time she came out to present, undisputedly made her queen. I did enjoy reading her replies *brief and interesting*

Can we meet you?
Am Onochie Chioma from Aguleri in Anambra state, a student of Anambra state university(ANSU) studying Micro biology.

Tell us about your background?
I was born into a christian family of five, raised by parents you could called strict and disciplinarians.

What was their stance on participating in a beauty pageant
I was scared at first cause I knew they never liked such idea. I didn’t mention it to them till I got the form and registered for it, though I knew I might get their disapproval, but lo and alas! I got their 100% support.

How did you feel when you were announced winner
Shocked at first cause I never knew I would win, then tearful from joy. It was a feeling of delight and victory.

What were the prices you won and what does the crown entails
I got a cash price which was very befitting and a crown that marks me as the most beautiful student in Anambra State University.

What qualities that made you stand out in the competition
My physical qualities were almost perfect, I was confident, fluent and had a good performance in general.

Has winning changed anything about you?
Nothing really. I still feel like the normal me. Only with a title attached, more friends and fans.
Have you been involved in modeling or any beauty pageants in time pass
This is my first try. I haven’t been in any before.

So after Miss ANSU what next?
I have other pageants I want to try out. Aiming higher.

How will you describe your personal style
Very simple and chic

Who is/are you role model(s)
Tania Valencia Cuero she is the world’s top model.

What’s your beauty regime
That’s one of my secrets…lol

That fashion item you can’t step out without will be?
A comfortable footwear…it determines the way I carry myself for the day.

What’s your favourite fashion trend?

Who are your favourite designers?
Harvey Nicholas, Alexander McQueen, and Jenny Packham

Final word to your fans and those aspiring to be like you
I want to say a big thank you to everyone that supported me to attain this very position, and to those aspiring to be top models, keep your dream on and you would get there someday. Love you all.
Thanks for reading…xoxo
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16 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Miss ANSU 2014 Onochie Chioma”

  1. Beautiful Chioma…God’s own wonderful creature…it is truly your call to be a model…Move on with it…and if you keep it up,You will become the world’s most beautiful model, l bet you because ANSU is too small for Your kind…With ANSU, Your beauty is being underestimated…


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