Question You Would Love To Answer + Baseball Caps

This post is loaded and y’all should join me in wishing Moby a happy birthday. She’s one sweet person, I pray you live long to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Have fun babes.Soo This trend is so 2012, it made every runway then but I choose to make a post on it. I was talking my friend to get one this oleku iro and buba that virtually has a place in every girl’s closet, she told me the trend will soon go out of fashion so she doesn’t see a point in wasting yards of cloth. So my question is:
What do you do when a trend is no more popular, do you keep rocking or you shove it away?

Am not talking about trends from decade o, you buy something last month and next month everyone is bored to wear them.


23 thoughts on “Question You Would Love To Answer + Baseball Caps”

  1. What is trend now was trend in the 60s, 50s, and so on. I don’t know which people decide this nonsense seff! Lol! I wear what I wanna wear, whether on trend or not! Bam!


  2. How come I’m just seeing this. Tosin let me confess? I can’t view your blog on my phone. It doesn’t load at all… I just see Afolabi Tosin’s blog and that’s all. That why I don’t comment early…. I’m soweee….. Thanks for the shout out Mami. God bless you.


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