The Ultimate Style Guide

Hello ladies and gents! How you all? Last month I wrote this article for Illuzion Magazine HERE, they are set to release in prints very soon.
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So grabs you a sit

We all had times in our lives where we couldn’t point out our style. Just like a fetus develops to become a patter of tiny feet, so should a person’s style evolve- how long it takes will be figured out by YOU. Regardless of being a student or a 9 to 5 minimum wage worker should not stop you from being stylish. I was having a chat with a friend, and he asked“how do you expect me to spend so much on fashion, when I am just a student”, I told him ”Style is about knowing how to look fabulous with the little you have, far from how much you have or can afford,but the magic that happens with the little that you have.” I am not an advocate of don’t-spend-money-to-look-good, but I always encourage people to stay within their budgets, why do some rich folks don super expensive outfits and still look cheap? Its simply because they haven’t figured out their personal style, and that goes without saying that money cannot buy style, you either have it or you don’t!
I put together 5 points to assist you in your personal style discovery:

*. Know you body type: This is one of the most cardinal style rule, over the years I have seen skinny people struggle to fit in same outfits that will flatter the likes of Omotola Jalade, and believe me when I say its always an epic fail. I have battled with admitting this myself but I have since learned its better to rock what suits your figure than trying to be someone else. Get your measuring tape and see where you fit. Fall in love with what suits you and not what suits others.

*.Stay Confident: One of the things that makes your style standout is how confident you carry your self, which is often times called flare. it is something that eludes many, Rihanna has it, reason why she unarguably has an edge over her peers, ’cause she owns what she wears and wears it like no other, she can make a sack rope look like a million buck because of her poise, carriage and flare.

*.Find a celebrity style inspiration: Haven talked about knowing your body size, choose a celebrity or random person that you admire their personal style and be inspired, to either recreate the looks or put your stamp on it with a few changes. Looking or trying to dress like your favorite celebrity will come with lots of bucks, but improvisation is absolutely valid here.

*.Color: Colors of your outfits says much about your personal style. Finding the right color that suits your skin tone has a way of enhancing your style. Notice how Lupita Nyong’o goes for bright bold colors, which nicely compliments her dark complexion.

*. Trends: One way to stay in the loop is following trends without over-doing it. This is the first resort for someone who wants to take his/her style a to the next level. How do you get to know the latest trends? subscribe to magazine news letters for free, like the one you are reading this minute!

Shout out to my blog momma, God bless you!
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21 thoughts on “The Ultimate Style Guide”

  1. Guess what mami? I’m reading this post on my phone. No wayyyy..I just decided to try again using my phone and it loaded. Yipeee…I’m so excited. Now I can read your blog posts on the go. So like Ernie said Confidence rules. I have this friend…even when he wear rag, you would want to follow suit cos he makes it look so good. And lastly,a smile to finish up the look. That’s the best outfit ever. Nice one mami


  2. Great article, can’t believe I’m just seeing this but I’ve been having issues with my phone *cracked screen*. I’m still striving to find my style and I believe I’ve gotten a lot better than before when I would just copy what I saw other people wearing. We shall get there…


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