Happy Birthday Lhurve Davies

Hello sweets!
Its one of my fave bloggers birthday, I wish you great success in your endeavors, happiness that knows no end and fulfillment has you become a year older. Wishing you metric tons of happiness on your birthday. God bless you babes.
Afolabi Tosyne’s blog is wishing you very happy birthday and many years ahead,
Have fun Lhurve
Btw thanks for your lovely comments on my last post. We shall all live long ijn


18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lhurve Davies”

  1. Turn Up Turn Up people.. Its the birthday of one of the most ghen ghen Babes i know… Happy Birthday Lhurve Davies, wish you the very Best Baby mi… Oooossshhheeeeyy! Where are we turning up oooo? May GOD make you greater, bigger and keep you ever Beautiful and all so ghen ghen Bubba.. Cheers..

    P.S: Agbani Tosyne How are you Bubba? Are you through with them exams? 😦

    P.P.S: I am first to comment mehhhnnnn.. 🙂


  2. Though its coming late, wishing u all d best things in life, may ur glas continually overflow with God’s love, favour, riches. Amen, may d lord also grant u all ur heart desires. Amen


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