OOTD: Dansiki

<#sways in like a rockstar# Hello my fifule (in hausa accent)
How every every? I trust your week is going well. So exams are over now #dancing#somebody shout halleluyah!! Na flexing remain. To those still writing exam Jah is your muscle and we shall all excel by His grace. I heard there’s no holiday for us, that’s what happens when your school decides to embark on 3 months strike after the ASUU sleep-at-home. No complains tho, it worked for us but they should sofiri with this rushy rushy thang o. Lol story for the gods Tosyne.

If you like don’t carry your butts home to your parent’s house before you close your eyes now they will say school iyaf resume. Ermm to all the lasuite that ran away when school resumed (Aisha, Feyisayo, Glitters, Yemi, Larry, etc) please return to the comment box, I got you all covered #spreads wings like Mother hen# here is home baby :D.
So today’s outfit, I bet you know its not today’s, but technicially it is OOTD cos it is gracing this blog today.
We all need something as comfy has this dansiki gown in our lives.

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62 thoughts on “OOTD: Dansiki”

  1. Turn up Turn Up People… My Agbani is free of them Exams oh! heheh No More Long breaks, and I am super elated. We must to flex the flexure togera ohhhh… 🙂 Welcome back Bubba, hope you Murdered them Exams oh, asin you gave the lecturers assignment right? I am loving the look, mehn Agbani you can fine for Africa shhhaaa…. 🙂


  2. hehehe…u just had to pass a polite insult on us baa?hmmmn…dia is God o#lovely dress by the way,cant just steal cause you way taller than a am#bless up maam


  3. Swirie you look so good on this congrats on completion of your exams success is yours IJN.

    You know what? I love this your new blog template and layout. Maybe u
    changed it cos of me hehehe. I usually find it difficult to read through your blog before now can’t really explain Otto. Take care dearie


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