Sequin Affiar

Hello sweets
I love sequins, do you? I attended a party recently, some of the bride’s friends mixed the aso ebi with sequins, I don’t know which was cheaper but the way people explore others with aso ebi must haves beats me. You gotta use your brain tho. I remember christmas last year a church member was gonna have his wedding, so my Mom asked us if we will buy the official aso ebi cloth as our christmas outfit, trust me I abruptly said no, so I should deprive myself because of some ones party abi. If you buy aso ebi because you want others to buy yours one day, (tbh that is 90% reason why most people buy) you just might get disappointed cos na who go buy go buy o.
Sequins are beautiful blings so they need less accessories.



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27 thoughts on “Sequin Affiar”

  1. Hiya mamacita….**waves** So sequin is not my thing mami….lemme just be honest…mami….I tend to itch alot when I wear those things…..hehe….and if I wear it and the sun is shinning really hard…I feel like a light bulb that was just switched on……..hehe….buh mehn…..I itch like hell!!!!!….


  2. Holla!!! I dislike sequins a lot… I don’t own anything with sequins and I don’t intend to… First, cos there’s just sth about it that screams “u gotta notice me” n i can’t afford that especially with colouring. secondly, the way Nigerians have bastardized sequins ehn, I can’t deal abeg


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