How To Re-organize Your Home

Hello sweets, how are you enjoying your holidays? I love holidays its makes room for perfect family bonding. Re-organizing the home makes the home appear cleaner and helps you find out more space. Here are some tips:

#1 Bunk rooms All Over: Convert your children’s room to bunk rooms this will make the room more accommodating especially through special family. gatherings like Christmas, Wedding Ceremonies, etc. Allocate bunks to everyone to avoid arguments like who should sleep on top beds.

#2 Hang Shoes on the Wall: Who doesn’t love a good shoe? Taking good care of it means organizing space for your collection of shoes. One time my Mom bought some set of shoe rack that came in rows like hangers, within weeks it became a mess as most part of it broke down. I am totally for this!

#3 Personal Dog House: I am not into pets (I love me some parrots tho :D) but I’d advice anyone who has one should take adequate care of them. Set up a little corner of the garage or a space around the house as their personal house. The way some peeps take care of their dogs ehn you go forget say you see pet. If you love having your dog around you can also make a space beneath the stairs, but anticipate its consequence.

#4 Use Shoe Organizers To Store Cleaning Supplies: Store cleaning products around the home here. Having a place in the home to store each item makes it easy to place your hands on them when you need them

#5 Basket for Clothes: Allocate baskets to each members of the family to avoid clothes flying around. The clean clothes goes to the wardrobe.

#6 Keep Your Book Collection Under the Stairs: Transform under the stairs to a bookstore, invite a carpenter to build shelves to make it presentable and neat. Separate books from dog house
Photo credits: Pinterest and Google
Thanks for stopping by xoxo, have a splendid and blessed week ahead

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18 thoughts on “How To Re-organize Your Home”

  1. Its like you are in my mind right now… I am not the most organised person and I’ve been looking for ways to just arrange my things…. I need to stop procastinating…. off to start start some cleaning…. how are you swirrie?


  2. I guess there’s something wrong with my phone because I can’t see any images but nice tips anyway, the shoe rack thing is a good idea. My shoes are usually thrown around in my room *hehe


  3. A clean home describes a clean couple.
    But a tidy home needs enuf space.

    Ow abt u advicing peeps living in a single room apartment to re-organise.


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