OOTD: Midi Skirt X Crop Top

Hello sweets! How una dey?
I’d like to give a pep talk today #grabs mic and adjusts collar#, there are times in our lives when we feel we ain’t good enough, we wish we be someone else who also wishes he/she is someone else (hehe I wanto to be like Beyonce o).

I feel these myriad of emotions should end when nearing adulthood but that’s not always the case, inferiority complex doesn’t know age unless you don’t let it know you. When that dude said charity begins at home and that is where it often ends, he simply meant if you don’t accept you, who will? You should be your cheerleader, number one fan and not the one who says ‘can I really do this?’
One of key points of success is having confidence in you which will spur you to ascend great heights. Be happy with who you are, you might be miles away from where you should be but endeavor not to let these things pull you down. My lovely blog mami said Everything that one goes through is sanctioned by God. The truth is, not everyone will be there for you but you gotta build you to stand against them obstacles.

I was gonna write the lyrics of ‘No love by Eminem’ btw these pictures as it is one of my fav songs of all time but nne nobody broke my heart so I resisted the thought. I know I love music so much but my music doesn’t define me! Hehehe

Thanks for stopping by, xoxo
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26 thoughts on “OOTD: Midi Skirt X Crop Top”

  1. True that Agbani, i am a strong believer in the fact that we have to be our own motivation, our own inspiration, our own biggest fan, cause no one will ever put our happiness as their priority if we dont… Plus most humans are Negativos by default, as they always kind of see joy in making others feel bad, so us self motivating our selves to be the best we can be regardless will always put a smile on our face regardles of who does what. Cheers to my numer uno… xx


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