Curved Heels

I am not a fan of high heels but we can say this blog isn’t just about Tosyne without mincing words, it is all about you, you and you who make out time to visit and even go a step further to comment. I appreciate you all. That’s why this post is up, I think this is the first shoe post on this blog, so get in all the shoe lovers in the house
Here’s what Ehmonie Hainey said about Walter Steiger Curved Heel Pumps which is one of the leading brand of curved heels amongst others “Now the world is taking notice of this innovative shoe brand and the ‘It’ shoe of the moment: the Walter Steiger Curved Heel Pump. As seen on celebrities like Ashanti, Kendall Jennerand Kelly Rowland, this shoe is a clever take on the classic platform pump, as Steiger strives for minimal design. We love that the heel appears to be ready to buckle once you step into the shoes, but the brand prides itself on using only the highest-quality materials, so they’re actually quite sturdy, comfortable and chic!”

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14 thoughts on “Curved Heels”

  1. I have a pair like this.. I didn’t even know it was a style.. I thought it was either my eyes playing tricks or manufacturers’ fault lool.

    There are not too uncormfortable.. Fashion keeps evolving mehn!


  2. Hiya mami….Mami…These shoes are not comfy at all….I got one of these and I don’t think I have ever worn out…it always feels like the heel is gonna break…Hows you mami…**covers face**…been a lil busy lately…


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