Rock Leather Pants!!

Hello lovely peeps, how are you all doing? Leather! leathers are versatile, I mean we can make bags, shoes, clothes, etc out of them but there’s a way you’d rock them leather pants and you won’t have to look like a car seat. Here’s are some of the rules I think will help coupled with the pictures. But remember style is a way of expressing you so you don’t have to do what Tosyne says if it makes no sense..

  1. Don’t wear leather pants on leather biko you don’t want to look like you just came out of disco, unless you just came out of disco
  2. Wear them with black breezy tops like Angelina jolie did but its not mandatory to do so, even Kim rocked has so very well with the floral shirt.
  3. Rock with boots or a leather pump..hmm if you are like me that don’t have no boots, you can still rock it with what you’ve got..police no go arrest you unless you steal their gf sha winks

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12 thoughts on “Rock Leather Pants!!”

  1. You wan wear leather for this naija sun? You go cook and turn to ponmo b4 You reach aus…. Wear leather pants when the weather is cool…. I can rock them sha…looks like something I’ll rock


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