The Weekend

Hey its no artiste! How are my people holding up, ki lon popping? I guess my Mondays are pretty much busy and that’s why this post is up now. How was your weekend? Mine was very eventful and fun after the stressful week went out. I was actually thinking how I would survive after a super busy week in school, but now I am wishing my weekends would always be like this.

Now You May Kiss The Bride

Now You May Kiss The Bride

Firstly, on saturday I attended a wedding in Church and the reception afterwards. It was one of my choirsters signing the dotted lines along with her boo. I wish them the best has they start the journey. Phew! At the reception the boo who apparently is an artiste sang to his bride, it was a mushy mushy moment o! And they said Naija men no dy romantic.

On sunday was mami Tibsy’s birthday (you know my momma shey?) So we her family in lagos Nigeria headed to Heritage Homes Orphanage to celebrate her. I am actually glad I made it there, I mean that Lady is amazing, and I already told her I don’t need her thank yous again. She keep saying thank you like in a zillion times, but true is she deserves every love she gets cos she has a large heart as well.

I am not gonna talk about how we got there (myself and my friend GB), we managed to get there with the help of guys we had to say hellos to get directions. Mehn, people don’t even know the orphanage, it just goes to show how we care for one another. Seriously? If it was a mall who wouldn’t know there? All the people we asked didn’t even know an orphanage was situated in that environs except the taxi drivers.

The first person I saw was Moby I was really smiling like I won lottery ehn, my goodness that lady is gorg and classy. In my mind I was saying ‘nawa o so this Moby has fine shape and she dey go gym’…she was sitting next to Le boo and her friend.
Judith was their too, I didn’t recognize her at first she’s a really nice and cute person, I actually love her voice hmmm I noticed the kids loved her (sweet little ones we met). I also met Zeezah, fine lady with nice figure 8 o, mehn that her shape is just lovely with flat stomach to complement. And then came the gorgeous + beautiful + hard working Lily, she’s really nice and humble and she was like thank you for coming, she hugged everyone. We took pictures like it was a spree and all that time the lovely Mr Duru was trying to find his way to the orphanage.

Before we could see the kids we had to wash our hands (fear of Ebola) and remove our shoes. The kids were really lovely and funny. No one deserves to be dumped but these kids were happy and carefree, that made me believe the will grow up to be great people. Not quite long, Engr Duru hopped in I didn’t even see him until he said ‘Tosin’ choi dude is really really nice and friendly. He let me wear his Versace shades, lool and I said something like ‘everyone must hear that I rocked fashi fashi’. He was looking good and everywhere, yaays it was nice meet the confused fellow.
Lemme add GB before he breaks my head in school today, everyone said he looks cute and I think the kids love him too. He was the one asking for directions.
Ermm it was really nice meeting these people, I was really smiling lol last night Lily said I was smiling sheepishly, that I looked way finer in real life, babe went further and said I should sack my photographer. I told you she’s nice naa, but I told her ‘unfortunately I don’t have a photographer’. Sooooo where at all the Lagos photographers o mokuna con audition for Tosyne’s blog pictures. Why do I look not so tall in my pictures? I am tall oo like really tall, but I don’t think I want to go into anything modeling…but hey never say never. I am really tall and that’s why I don’t like heels!

Choi I have drifted, so lovely Lily package stuffs for us to eat. Mehn it was an amazing time, and I want to say thank you to Ernie and her lovely husband for putting together these, just when you think you’ve seen it all they just surprise with another great idea like woow! When I saw the items that Lily brought to be delivered to the kid I was like God bless my blog Mummy o. Yesterday whenI saw Oga Moyafa’s comment I wanted to faint o but mercy said no! Thanks sir.
My lovely boo boo Esther featured me and my blog, she almost wrote my full profile lool in my mind eh. Anyways if anyone asks me this question I hate so much ‘tell more about you’ I will just tell them to stop by at, I can’t shout ke!
All these story be like composition abi no essay? Anyways thanks for reading
Will be back to check typos and add pictures, in the meantime enjoy!


13 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. Ehen! now I can comment.. lmao.. mehn Agbani this post had me smiling from top to Bottom.. as in I love it pieces.. like wow.. mehn Thats Sun did me shege ooo.. You said something that struck me and i was Like True that Bubba.. In the midst of walking in the sun trying to find road (no Thanks to HERE Maps for windows phone) i asked a series of people, and no one knew where the orphanage was. If na club or mall or eatery now, them for know… smh.. This life ehn.

    Mehn those kids are special, but their Hyper activeness no be here ooo… Remember that one that wanted to turn my Versace into waist belt?? lmao.. It was fun.

    I was glad to have finally met my Agbani ooo and mehn it was wonderful.. Bia you can tall for Africa sshhhaaa… Plus **In Sound Sultans voice.. Na you fine pass, all the ladies i dey see everyday.. See everyday… You too set omo you were created on the 7th dayyy.. 7th day…. choi. heheheh

    Ehen Amebo time.. Tosyne you and Oga Boss GB make a good ghen ghen couple ooo… so we are waiting for full gist, abi are you both doing us the more we look the less we see ni? heheheh **Winks.. You Rock Agbani.


  2. Mscheeeeew Duru, why u be first to comment…. Am so happy for Tibs oooo…. Come abeg a dun dey hear say tosin too tall, what is her height oooooooo…. You guys looked great.


  3. God save u say u mention me o, If not ehn, I wouldn’t be breaking ur head alone, leg sef go join…Had so much fun @ d orphanage, met wonderful people…Oga Duru we’ll talk in camera!


  4. **covers face** Oh mami….you are blessed. I mean….you are a blessed woman….**smiling** How are you doing?….**looks at the first photo** Okay then, that makes it 2 outfits you owe me….and mami…..OMG!!!….you are tall…..I dunno why we never noticed….You are super tall….I don’t want a David and Goliath situation when I stand next to you cuz mehnnnn I think you are as tall as my husband….**batting my lashes** and really beautiful too……buh let’s just understand this…..**clears throat** GB is mine so I dunno what Duru is talking bout when he says you guys should be a couple….**cocks shotgun** **singing The boy is mine** GB darling…. hehe…….Thanks alot mamacita…..God bless you.


  5. Duru’s Agbani, we need to talk about this couple thing with GB, do i hear wedding bells?
    nice outfit mami
    Y’all have succeeded in making me jealous i missed the orphanage trip *wailing*


  6. Hehehehehehehe only gorgeous+beautiful+humble+hard working…my head is bigging, lol. Thanks for the compliment dearie. You guys need to see Tosyne in person then you will understand what I’m saying.


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