I dont like! I dont like!! I dont like!!!

Heyyy fellaz! How’s everyone?
Today I wore a black jean and white tees with a purple shoe to match to school. The first comment that greeted me was ‘Na party shoe you wear come shool’ From my friend. The stares I got sev got me feeling like a star and Duru’s new post be giving me vibes. School has been really stressful this semester, I mean..I can’t remember the last time I had 8am lectures. Anyhoo its all for the pali. I have a feeling I will be posting mostly in the evenings.
So these post you’re about to read may not make sense to you but this is how I feel about these things…so its just me stating my dislikes by venting out on here. I have been meaning to do this tho but nna mehn I don’t know me sometimes..you need to see when I give me a pep talk on procrastination, I be like ‘Tosyne just do it, patapata nobody go comment and we will all move on’
I will make a good shrink tho wink, alright leggo

  1. I don’t like when people fart in public: Mehn I was exactly 5 minutes late to a lecture on Monday morning, instead of sitting at the back I decided to share sit with a classmate. Choi my stomach was messed up, seriously people should learn to respect other people’s nose and stomach, don’t feed me with your orunnn o. Jeez I couldn’t even stand up I was tossing to the left and right like someone that his wife is in Labour. If you have leaking bumbum do the health centre a favour and not seat near Tosyne o! You don’t want to hear Tosyne is taking treatments because she inhaled your fart.
  2. I don’t like when upcomming artiste shout and tag it singing: okk at a point in time I had this music career I was pursing ehn but I never made to the studio cos I wasn’t sure. So I am fit to say this, it is just annoying and deafening when you actually hear some of these upcomming artistes jump on a track. All I hear is noise!!! and you wan hammer? don’t worry you are heading for a grammy. Last year my school did a beauty pageant and they had upcomming artistes up on stage I was like you gotta be joking, must you shout? I careless about the lyrics sev, who sings better lyrics this days? I have made up my mind to run away from shows that has more of upcomming artistes.
  3. I don’t like it when random people start conversation inside the bus: I know Duru met his sweetheart Jilda on BRT transport and their love story is so sweet. But some people can be so annoying when they decide to start lame convos inside the bus. One time I boarded a bus going home and dude that sat next to me decided to be act-smooth-talker-that-melts-the-heart-of-lady. After all the lame attempts and I obviously wasn’t interested he said ‘Do you know I actually work in your school?’ I was like cool story! You work in my school so? There was one time a woman tried to start a convo with me I was looking lost ehn she was quick to get the cue. The most annoying one is when peeps decide to argue in buses, some people lack manners o, how can we be stuck in close to 3hours and all you can do is shout and argue about chelsea and man U with some don’t even know from adam. Next time talk arsenal!
  4. I don’t like it when people do 4 lines chat: You know all those
    hello – hello,
    how are u – fine and you?,
    good – k,
    k-k, convos, you know not everyone can be your chat buddy but nne if you are the one saying hi let it be that you have something tangible to talk about and not kkkk somebody. Not nice at all, I am already boring and I hate competition too.
  5. I don’t like when people ask me to tell more about myself: I hear this mostly from peeps I getting acquainted to. Some peeps will actually turn it into an interview oh, the only difference is you aint getting published. I just believe friendship comes naturally, no need for stories when you just meet a person. Some people just wanto know you in one day, really?? Has soon has the friendship blooms you won’t even ask what I do before you get to know.
  6. I don’t like it when I am broke: you see when I am broke I can like to carry my face up. I just hate those moments, everything becomes boring even Seyi law comedy becomes bluff hehe who no like money? I sometimes become emotionally available!

Thanks for stopping by to read, appreciate it.
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30 thoughts on “I dont like! I dont like!! I dont like!!!”

  1. Erhmmm….Mami…you okay?….I just tried calling you…I know you don’t like epistles and I don’t think you have ever written a long post….you know what?…don’t worry….I am gonna borrow you my bazooka…..I mean WTF?! **in Rambo’s voice** They fuck with you and they fu——scratch that….I run away…(you were not expecting me to wait right?)….hehe…mami…I will holla later eh..


  2. can’t stop laughing…. dat post was damn splendid…it kept me laughing all to ma self. Even passengers dat sat with me in d bus were lyk “is dis dude owk??” nice write up (article)…… More grease to ya elbow #model mi to oo bad


  3. Lol, Tosyne u av make Lafn this evening…. I hate all this KKk people like dem be keke drivers… As for nigga wey dey drop the world in public places, it can be annoying but very sweet when a lecturer has been class for more than 3 hours.



    1. Lol no be small keke drivers. Its has never be sweet for me, I know it can cause a stir in the lecture room and everyone will try to stand up. But must it be from the ynash sitting near me? I can’t handle abeg.


  4. Is nice when you express yourself.
    Me no dy like dat kkk tins, me go just stop the chat with immediate allacrity.
    Farting in public s not gentlemanic, so disgusting.

    Good day!


  5. Tosyno of destiny..skool moda of life..mehn u gat me laffing…buh seriously am guilty abt tell me more abt ur self nd d gurl go like ask questions nd me go begin interview…..lols..will stop it tho…nice write up sweet


  6. Lol, I don’t like it when I’m broke either. I’m indifferent about speaking to strangers on a bus, sometimes it’s entertaining, other times not. Duru actually met Jilda on a bus?? Hmm, I might talk to people on public transport but exchanging contacts is a nono for me.


  7. hehehehehehehehe Now this was Epic. Thanks for mentioning my Babies name Agbani. You do me a great Honor. Oh well, what more can i say.. when Love bites you, it bites deep. 🙂 Thanks Bubba, this was hilarious. xx


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