Fashionista Of The Day: Olabinjo Kehinde

Hello sweets, how is the week looking like? Its another fashionista being celebrated today, I am so sorry this is coming late, anyway, we here now. If you are checking this blog for the first time, you are welcome, I hope you stick around (amen to that). If you’d like to be FOTD send a mail to You can check previous features HERE, HERE and HERE
So let’s meet her
Am Olabinjo Kehinde Rachael, last child from the family of six also a twin from Ondo state. I reside in Lagos

Describe your style
Chic and edgy

What is your greatest fashion Pet- peeve
Big tops

Which celebrity’s closet would you like to raid
Mercy aigbe

What you can’t be caught doing
Hanging out with a married man

Your most favorite fashion item

Your favourite designer
Alexandra McQueen

What Do You Think Of Her Style
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14 thoughts on “Fashionista Of The Day: Olabinjo Kehinde”

  1. She is beautiful….Love the way she smiles…it’s in between like she is almost bout to smile and she is done laughing….(you know something like that)…hehe…


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