OOTD: White Tees

Holla! Holla!
I wore this to school today, after searching for what to wear, I got this idea at the 11th hour ** smirks **. Now this what to wear question is really an issue for me, I mean I wake up in the morning and I am completely clueless. It is annoying and time sucking! I am so angry about these exams coming up, I mean I had plans for this christmas, you won’t believe who has exams on Christmas eve but nna we have to murder them ni.


18 thoughts on “OOTD: White Tees”

  1. It really could be so frustrating @ times, so dz is what I do, I already have in mind what to wear a day before…
    I’m so in love with ur Tee!*goodluck in your exams Mami…


  2. heheheheheh @ “Nna we haf to Murder them ni!” Agbani you are so effortlessly beautiful, and it thrills me all time every time. in short, iTrip… ** In Wizzys cvoice.. I fit die on top your matter eh! Tosyne oh, you too sweet god bless your mother eh, Baby oh! 🙂 Cheers Bubba, and good luck in them papers. Regards to Oga boss GB and Mumsi. xx


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