* s ways in * * grabs mic *
DJ Tosyne in the building!
Cos we started from the bottom now we here
Shhh cha scratch
Odun lo so pin o baba rere
Shhhhh cha scratch
Joy nothing but joy..
Sssssshhhhhh scratch
Flowing from my heart are the issues of my heart is gratefulness

Now to him who is able to exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think

In January He was our Jehovah Jireh
In February He was faithful
In March He was the strength that kept is moving
In April He proved to be alpha and omega
In May he made way even in the miry clay
In June we weren’t jonzed :p by promise and fail peeps
In July he shone His glory on us
In August He perfected our ways and lines begin to fall in pleasant places
In September He remembered us in our low estate
In October we were not conquered by the enemy
In November He gave us an 11th hour miracle
In December He put a new song on our lips

Indeed we have reasons to give thanks, so many people started this journey but they are no where to be found…whether goals have been met or not, whether the ending is tidy or ragged.
Without endings, there would be neither the opportunity nor the incentive to think new thoughts, and to begin great new projects. I remember writing 14 things I wanted God to do for me this year and He didn’t waste time he started it in January and I am grateful for the rest and those ones he has not done. 2014 has numerous ups and downs but God did miraculous deeds in my life and family. I am grateful for this blog and people that come here, you all have been amazing and help me grow..

Looking at my annual report, I saw the highest commenters; My two sistos and le boo, mehn I am grateful you all started this journey with me and have been a source of encouragement. Love you all much
Then we have Buiti I mean the classy Buiti, and buriful Lhurve, thanks for sticking around ladies.
To my blog momma Ernie I say thank you for your love, encouragement and everything. I bless the day you came on this blog, I love you much
So when I started this blog this year it was basically my sistos and le boo that will come on here…I send BCs and no one cares to comment but this my friend Jendor would comment and sometimes re-BC it, thanks for being there and you brought lovely Nimah here too I am grateful.
Thanks to my lovely friends Gbolahan, now most people in school who got to find out Tosyne has a blog heard it from GB, and to Kemi thanks for your encouragement and kind words. Love you guys.
Ice, thank you for being my ore of life and this guy will just sidon one side and be criticizing me better calm
My dope rapper El vanASH thanks for your funny comments, preciate it!
I don’t know how to say all this thank yous cos people many. I am grateful to have met Esther, she’s one lovely person that just wants you to grow and she is a good writer.

So I almost forgot to write about my blog grand mother (lobatan) Obiamaka aka Yours Truly, thank you mami you are one of a kind. Love you much. Moby!! Moby! I am already doing free advert of your skill to my big sisto, I am so happy I met you..thanks for everything.
Sumbori shallt Duru! Thanks for coming here and all those your 20 line comments we appreciate.
And to Amaka aka Maxy, the badass cook thank you
I can’t forget my fellowship peeps that love this blog Tolu and Patrick, thanks for your kind words concerning this blog mehn when I remember I don’t want to stop blogging. Shout out to my home geh Olams, she brought the idea Ankara lookbook, thanks babes for everything.

At this point my fingers be begging me to stop writting so I am just going to mention names of those I remember coming here, Chioma, Chwukubroz, Zeezah, Lily, Biola fehintola, chioma, Missy May, saffy, vira, Ugo, teeto, olamide glitterz, Gbemi Yemi, Feyisayo, Aisha, AyoDon Larry (thanks for those BCs), my Oyo sista Temmie, Sogie, Portia, Mannie, Fummi, Bolatito, Chinco Bee and Chukwuma thanks you all and I love you all.

Yaay the end
Adieu 2014
Happy new year in advance.

PS: I am through with exams, wish me success o. Final year tinz winks
Congrats to my sister on her final paper today..Murda em!
Sorry about the lenghty post 😀


13 thoughts on “Appreciation”

  1. Oh my! Nah mushy mushy tinz today o…it’s been a wonderful year with you tosin, u’re one of d few wonderful friends that i’ve got, I won’t forget u in a hurry, looking forward to seeing a bigger and better Afolabi Tosyne’s blog in d new year, u’re gonna do exploits and d good Lord is gonna establish u beyond ur imagination, 2015 is gonna be our best year ever…congratulations to aunty B on her final paper, in short, God bless us all!


  2. DJ Tosyne for Governor 2040 mehhhnnnnn…
    I love you much much more and I’m happy I met you this year… I can’t wait to meet you in flesh
    Thank God the yeye exams are over oooo can I hear u say TURN UP


  3. Awwww…This was emotional mami…2015 here we come!!! I appreciate you so much mami and you know, I love you dearly Tosyne and you know I will do anything for you (anything buh my private jet tho’….lol). Boy! These photos are amazing! You look beautiful mami..

    GB Papi..I see you*


  4. #Perfecto#slick#Ace. Glory be to Jehovah for seeing us thus far! Looking at you…Tosin…I see a star and a blossoming flower. May the good Lord continue to make you an instrument of wonders…..peace.


  5. Tosin!!!!! Should I call you ore mi or ade mi (though some people fit kill me for that one), after reading this post I had to personally go and find out the meaning of ore mi…. Am so glad I met you. Congrats 4/4 for you, wish you all the best next year


  6. Tosyno of d future..its hardwork nt smepple sending broadcast.jus hard work…hope u keep it up this yr..long live afolabi tosyne blog


  7. mehn damn emotional #but iffahear sey tear drop from a nigga’s eyes 😀
    Nice work done on d blog, nd tanx for d bday wishes i got.
    Stay focused, Keep it real #Success


  8. Our model in Tibs of life voice. Wondering when you will finally start modelling in real life lol. Thanks for the mention hon, appreciate.


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