OOTD: Hood et Ombre

Hello lovely people! How is the celebration coming? My God will judge y’all that ate chicken and turn up yesterday without inviting me, its not good o. So I was jejely siting down yesterday when this thoughts waltzed in. [21291 39170 19388 GLO]I thought about many things I planned to do in 2014 but for some reason I couldn’t accomplish. Just so you know i have no regrets, (not like I did all I planned to), its not bad if you have regrets, infact it might be all the motivation you need to do better in 2015. [6030 6721 4729 MTN] But don’t just dwell on regrets, see 2015 as a new beginning to make your dreams a reality. I don’t believe in new year resolutions, I am all about do it now (I try tho) because there might never a right time you just have to seize each opportunity life throws at you because tomorrow may be too late. [1211 3645 5928 5682 AIRTEL]If you didn’t achieve so much last year don’t be mad at you…just dream, plan, stay focus and believe.
[1291 2734 101 7812 ETISALAT]I did lots of procrastinate in 2014, some were just for plain silly reasons and others I could not help but no time, I plan to do those things this year with diligence and continuity. I pray this year open doors of opportunity in my career and blog. [1322 6362 2313 MTN]

[1359 5643 3058 2962 AIRTEL]

[5685 1732 923 1617 ETISALAT]

[9922 7100 3511 MTN]

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36 thoughts on “OOTD: Hood et Ombre”

  1. I don’t av regrets either bcos I believe every day is another chance to start afresh not to talk of every year, dis year is gonna b better…Tanx for d topup, God bless u!


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