OOTD: All Black Errthang

Hello World! The all black trend is something I have always hoped to try, but I never did because I had this boring picture of how it will turn out to be if there wasn’t something extraordinary to add to it.

The making...lol

The making…lol

I thought about this hat would make it not really extraordinary per se but it will add some sort of glam to it.

Remember this post I did HERE I wrote ‘If you love Black you are Strong – willed and Love Power
Black color denotes independence and Determination.

Black colour is a sign of sophistication and black lovers are mostly non – emotional as they lack colour in their life.

See how short i look..am tall baby!

See how short i look..am tall baby!

Black lovers are often artistic and sensitive, love to be in control of situations and very serious in nature.
They like to keep a distance with people and keep their emotions at guard. They are very methodical in their work and love to follow details.

Lol I don’t think I am a huge fan of black tho. So lemme know what you think!?!?

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