OOTD: Floral Pleats

Hello everyone! Happy new week of favour and mercy! Work begins right? Some school resumes today, but I will be at home sleeping and watching tv. I have been trying to read a book after my exams but its like my reading habit is rusting. This outfit is a kinda simple if you remove the shoe and bag, which I did when I was going out.

Thanks for stopping and do have a blissful week ahead

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34 thoughts on “OOTD: Floral Pleats”

  1. You see people? See how beauriful Tosyne is? Yep she bad like that and I dont call her my Agbani and Numero Uno for nothing.. Bubba you can fine for Africa shaaaa…. i mean on a Ghen ghen level oooo. Nice one Bubba, you are looking frosh. In other news, please what is the meaning of OOTD? I have been racking brain trying to decipher it sinceeee 19 kokoro. 🙂


  2. Okay it’s official, Tosyne, we need to talk bout 2 bags now. I love the way you pair up stuffs ….It looks so effortless…Mami, thanks for the call….Tibs loves you to the moon and back…(despite the fact you stole my GB….My God is still gonna judge you eh!…lol) Love you mami..


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