Happy Birthday To ME!!!

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Yaay its official Tosyne is 20 today, and guess what I feel so alive than I have been in my whole entire life. I am so grateful to God counting me worthy to see this day, its been God all through, a lot has happened but his love and mercy has kept me cos he is the king over the floods. I just want to use this medium to tell someone and reaffirm it to myself; never give up on God and just know there’s nothing too big to ask God. Thanks to my Mother for birthing a star, your love and support keeps me going. Thanks to my lovely sisters and thanks to everyone that have met in this amazing journey of life.

Soo we turning up at work today lol yaaga office tinz! Will bring birthday pictures later that’s if my wordpress behaves, I have been having problems using it, that’s why there hasn’t been much post cos I can only post words not pictures except I copy a picture from an old post. Hmmm like that wasn’t enough my google account be acting up too.

Anyhwoo its my birthday no time to be ranting..just fun MASSIVE fun. Thanks to the lovelies on my BBM list wey no sleep till 12am. Thanks for the calls, email and messages God bless you all. So my BFF was first to call, ose mi darling love you plenty much!


20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To ME!!!”

  1. Happy birthday sweetheart. May the good Lord continue to bless and strengthen you my dear. You are blessed beyond measure. Please inbox me your Number so i can call you. Remain blessed


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