Been Long You Saw Me

How is everyone doing? Oh my God! Its been 3 weeks now. God, I missed this place and you all. Thanks to those who checked up on me.I don’t even wanna check my stats now, cos it might make me feel worse for abadonning my blogging. It has become a trademark for me, so that alone won’t make me give up on here. Love you all plenty. I think you deserve to know what have been up to lately.

  1. I got an award for Entrepreneur of the Year in school. Some people might have seen the pictures on social media but I Will put on the sidebar later.
  2. I got a camera – I put it up on my birthday wishlist * *eyes Esther* *, my big sisto saw it and gifted me. Oyaa cheers! Click!
  3. I started my final year project and am loving it. I was glad when she approved my topic cos its one thing I have always talked about. ”Revolution of IT a success of green computing” it is.
  4. I became a bible study teacher in fellowship. I am glad I was appointed to work for God in that department and others.
  5. I have been doing lots of reading lately. Not just school work and my project topic. I have been reading many self development and inspiration blog.
  6. I have been pissed with AIRTEL for exhausting my 1Gig modem subscription in a day. And here is the reason I have been off, apart from schooling, those people think sey them don see omo baba olowo abi? The last time I was this angry was when MTN swallowed my airtime and they didn’t return it. I didn’t recharge for a month!
  7. I have been doing lots of thinking lately, strictly career and future plans. I don’t know why I can’t go a day without these thoughts, I guess the dream is too great to be forgotten.

Have a lovely and blessed March!

PS; Happy birthday to them babes; my sweet sisto, my hommies Ronke and Tolu, blogsphere friend Esther aka Dammy, Moyo and Demi. I am anticipating cakes from you all, my mouth be watering already.

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16 thoughts on “Been Long You Saw Me”

  1. And she’s back o, ekaabo, what did u bring for us? I’ve been having those thoughts 2, guess it’s because they are to big to ignore like u said!


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