Shes having a baby!

Shakara don end!?I am not gonna say the convo with my sisters that ensued this post, I don’t feel its nice to put out stuffs about other peoples personal life here and this is the part I wish my blog were anonymous, una for hear gist like kilode.

Anyway, I believe we all know you don’t have sex expecting plasma Tv na pikin last last. You are therefore responsible for your actions. That’s just by the way, the real deal is overtime I hear an unmarried lady takes in, next thing you hear she don go husband house. No wedding! No intromimo! No nothing!

I want to say if a guy is serious with you, if he find outs you are pregnant he would make sure you guys do at least court wedding within the next 7 months. Probably he isn’t earning so much enough to start a family, in my opinion I don’t think you ought to be playing wifey. I think getting married just because of pregnancy is just wrong as much as I think it is wrong to start living with a man cause you have a baby together. Having a baby with someone doesn’t make you husband and wife, not until he puts a ring on it.

Most parents will send their child to husband house ‘tipatipa’ because of pregnancy, Yoruba people will say baba omo eni lo ko eni (a womans baby daddy is automatically her husband). I know how our society frowns about children born out of wedlock, but if he accepts responsibility and visits His child no reasonable person will say profane words to that child . In the Western world all the dude owes you is child support, ‘hence no-I-pack-go-him-house-after-he-gimme-belle’, except that’s what you want tho. There’s a difference between accepting the pregnancy and marrying because of the baby.

My points exactly?
1. He might never respect her if he married her because of the baby. Unless he his Godfearing or has an atom of feelings.

  1. He might feel she tricked him into marriage, most men in this situation abuse their women verbally and domestically. What if he wasn’t ready? Then you guys marry you become punching bag.
  2. He might think your parents that allowed it prolly never really loved you. How do you treat stuffs or people you don’t really like? I can wait to ditch you outta my face! That exactly what he would be thinking
  3. He might tell you we would have the wedding later, truth is after 10 years you are still on the matter, postponing and postponing wedding. This one is common, some people don’t even have a marriage, technically.
  4. You are not cheap, cos you had a baby doesn’t mean you should be treated less of a person. You deserve a bride price too na, abi?.
  5. In laws might not like you cos they think you messed their aso ebi plans, believe me every Naija Mom anticipates that day. So if he isn’t earning much presently and obviously can’t afford a wedding, and your parents are on your case you become a nylon bag wifey.

There are lots of single moms, super Moms for that matter, if you find yourself in this situation inhale, exhale and think about all have said and choose for you. Do a review on the person and be sure you want to spend the rest of your life with them not because a child is in the picture. Let him take responsiblity and be a part of the childs life. If you both are in love then get married. Don’t let your marriage be based on any child or financial problems. You are strong, resilient and you will pull through.

Why did I choose to write on this? Maybe cos I love weddings…or because amebo with my sistos is always mind blowing..

This is strictly my opinion, I don’t curr if you take it or not.

Thanks for stopping by, lemme read your thoughts

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10 thoughts on “Shes having a baby!”

  1. When I have sex I expect samsung curved tv so I don’t know what you’re talking about o *lol*
    So here’s the thing, I agree with you but I’ve come to realise that everything isn’t black and white. Somethings r all shades of grey which is why we should leave everybody in d path they choose… I believe that if they make such decisions, they know the implications n are ready to face whatever comes with it


  2. Yoruba mentality. they will say the father of a child is the husband. yimu*the moral standard is declining by the will see some girls pack to a man’s house that have not. Even done the needful.why won’t the man disrespect her?


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