Hat Gang

PicStory-2015-04-30-09-17 I gotta admit, for some reason i was clueless as to what picture should come first, so i went for the selfie, yup! How are you all doing? Been awhile but its been God all the way.I have had this ankara print high waisted trouser for a while now, for some reasons i cant decipher, it was not easy to style. this is where i gotta talk about body frame, its important to work with your shape, what fits Kemi might not fit Tosyne lol. so i wore this with a tank top at first, i looked like a piece of pencil…it was not a good sight my people :d. But if you know me personally you will agree that i-can-like-to-be-stubborn, my brethen and sistos i never gave up, and that is how you shouldnt  give up on those dreams and aspirations. Sooo i paired it with a crop top and finished it up with my wide brim hat. this hat is legendary, it has been in the family for long….

I just noticed that i seem to have every fashion item in colour red, and its not even my favourite colour…suits me? Enuf said now i cant wait to read your comments Continue reading Hat Gang


Casual Wednesday

Hello everyone! How is mid-week looking like? I wore this yesterday, paired this coloured blouse with a ripped jean. I love my new braids, what do you think? Continue reading Casual Wednesday