OOTD: Mono-crop

PicStory-2015-04-03-10-17Happy new month dearies and compliments of the season. I have had this graphic crop top since january, I almost forgot it existence. I paired it with my black skirt and sneakers… cool right? I am loving the monochrome look. I am taking of the short weave today…e don try na? Thinking of doing something with my natural hair. What do you think of straw curls?
How are you celebrating easter? Please drop your house addresses let’s come and eat…hehe. Whatever you do don’t forget the reason of the season..Jesus!







17 thoughts on “OOTD: Mono-crop”

  1. Wow, this is nice, like really nice…it’s like this monkey top is d thing now, i’ll av to recommend it to some pple.


  2. Heheh…looking good faa! Like all d combinations. Used to think crop top was better on high waisted trouser but this is also cute. Btw, be xpecting me at ur place o. Coming to eat easter food 🙂


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