Ankara Lookbook 9

IMG_0337Hello people, how are you all doing? Ankara lookbook is back on the blog, i mean how coulda forget about our lovely Africa print. With the print becoming so popular all over the world and even in celebrity closets like Beyonce, Solange, Rihanna, Kim, and the likes. Not forgetting how the print as being infuse into fashion brands to meet the taste of its large market. Ankara print is fast becoming a world thang not just for africans. So on saturday i attended a wedding ceremony and i wore the long gown in the picture above…love it?

see more ankara prints style inspiration:

d3e27848142c034320e4440bc5277cf9 41331656a2324dd14f47345cdb79133b 5a3dede93f77fe58315d045cbcf43ab3 03f6f38037ea985068c3a15ef5e5f377 0773525fde8d60282f2955999f79ceee a569922d08e262dcc43af58b57c1bcb3 Natacha-Baco-Muse-Collection-09

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