Fashionista Of The Day: Ronke Adefalujo


Hello people! How are we doing?

She’s Ronke Adefalojo, a makeup artist and a theatre artist. I can say she’s not just your regular makeup artist, you know that saying about makeup artists not being able to beat their own face to perfection like they do to clients. I believe makeup artists should be a walking mannequin for their brand, and she does that effortlessly. She is also stylish and that’s why I decided to feature her here, I love how she incorporates the Africa print to most of her outfits.

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How I Wore White To A Wedding


Hello lovely people!

So, you rarely see people wearing white to a wedding, some have said its like trying to compete with the braid on her big day..well I wore white to my cousin’s wedding and no, I wasn’t trying to steal anyone’s day. I wore this white shift dress with red shoes and I wassss feeling ma self.

Shift dresses are trend and super comfy, you can have them in extra large, but I went for something close to my size. Continue reading How I Wore White To A Wedding