Fashionista Of The Day: Ronke Adefalujo


Hello people! How are we doing?

She’s Ronke Adefalojo, a makeup artist and a theatre artist. I can say she’s not just your regular makeup artist, you know that saying about makeup artists not being able to beat their own face to perfection like they do to clients. I believe makeup artists should be a walking mannequin for their brand, and she does that effortlessly. She is also stylish and that’s why I decided to feature her here, I love how she incorporates the Africa print to most of her outfits.

See more of her outfit below

11137900_1425201954452780_33372329_n 11024175_1380337598954111_988472270_n 11117036_903871259656235_1680059162_n 11259530_716683341790880_1381266849_n 11324982_114682672215680_106032100_n 11881787_1609616199321278_27977504_n

Are you loving her style too?

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