Trend Thursday: Pinafores

1689172_1635153840073110_556715803_n Hello sweets! How are you all doing?The first time I saw this trend was when Tuke of rocked it. I tried it, but I wasn’t feeling myself. I think some of the dresses with shirt are made by the designers from scratch. It can give that school girl classy look when worn with the right set of heels. You can also use it to achieve a sporty chic or street look when worn with sneakers. You can make this look work by pairing a shirt with a strapless dress, skater or straight dress goes well.
12224424_1644977272420067_934649304_n 11410732_877739408968982_183482412_n 12080630_424385894425454_480460625_n 11363941_526720114142780_1779749205_n

What do you think of the trend? Would you rock it.
Thanks for stopping by…please share your thoughts on this. XOXO


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