Outfit Post || Revamped


Sometimes the most difficult part of blogging is the writing aspect. Putting your emotions in letter can be an herculean task. As I opened my browser to type this post I literally went blank. Special props to bloggers who post only stories on their blogs, like of Duru, BMF, etc.
Inhale hmm exhale brrr* Happy new year to my wonderful readers! So how has the journey been so far?
So I had this shoot last week and it was quite exciting for me. Shout out to my lovely friends Chioma for accompanying me and also doing my makeup, Ebuka the man behind the camera and also Ronke, she was keeping up with the whole thing.
I can’t wait to read your comments. Thanks for stopping by.


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Outfit details
Mr Price gown revamped to peplum blouses
Random skirt from Lagos market

Konga black heels

Photo credit: Nawti Photography


16 thoughts on “Outfit Post || Revamped”

  1. Skibo robo Skibo.. Skibor Robor Skibor.. Oshey BaDDest! see my Agbani looking like a PimPim.. **Covers Face and peeps through Fingers.. **clears Throat.. This Nigga be Tripping for Days eh.. Oshey Finest geh ever Liveth! Wo! me sef i wonder how we write it oh! Thats sure proof that #ItcanonlybeGOD

    Happy New Year Tosyn of Laiffe and Congratulations on your graduation.. may 2016 be lit for us all.. Best Wishes baee.. Oya Chop wet french Kiss :*


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