Birthday Wish list

67937.pngNext week Thursday it is! I still can’t place the feeling, excitement or humdrum.
Last year I wrote my wish list, it drew out lots of laughter, lol it was like a joke when I was also penning down what I wanted. Well, i ended up having most of what I wrote on that list.
So here we have it, I love online window shopping and these are my finds:96329.png

  1. Chain hand bag: Since graduation I have been craving for those bags I tag “glam bags” . I must get one of it before NYSC.
  2. Sandals heels: My sudden obsession for heels I can’t explain o. Just as I can’t explain my sudden likeness for Olamide’s music. Moral of the story: Humans are unpredictable!


  1. Zaron face primer: Ehn na, because i am team oily face.
  2. Sleeveless jacket: wearing this any day in Nigeria won’t harm, right?


  1. Gbemisoke shoes: big ups to the woman behind the product. She launched a shoe that caters for big size legged women (41-45)
    If you wear size 45 lemme see your hands up now!
  2. Graphic tee: I will like to have this particular inscription, wether I am gonna have to make one or buy online it’s a must have for member of the Bey Hive.

Yay! That’s it! What do you think? Have you been craving any of these items yourself?

Thanks for your comments on the previous post. OMG! We have new commenters (Chioma, Truimph, Might Milan) Please stick around.
Thanks for stopping by and do have splendid day….xoxoxo


16 thoughts on “Birthday Wish list”

  1. Omg! My sudden crave for platform heels can’t be contained 😁😍 And that sleeveless jacket is a must have 😍I wish you get em all and I wish you a happy birthday Gorgeous


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