Happy 21st


I remember when I was a kiddo, how I used to look forward to my birthday because that’s the only time I was not permitted to do house chores in my father’s house. As I turn 21 today, I am counting my blessings and truly God has been faithful. Last year was not easy especially the last quarter but the smile was ever present to mask the real feelings because God was there. One day I told myself “This wahala is too much for my 20 year old self “, but when I hear or see the magnitude of other people’s problems, I give thanks.
I have decided to share 6 lessons I have learnt:

  1. The friends we keep are a reflection of who we are and what will become of us.
  2. People don’t usually pay good deeds for good deeds but they will be the first to strike you when they are treated otherwise. I have learnt never to be a pleaser and just act accordingly.

  3. We go through good times and bad times in order to know who really matters and know what is more important.

  4. I have learnt to love my body regardless of what the society expects it to be like.

  5. It’s not going to be always rosy. Life will happen. Disappointments will make you ask those ‘why me questions’. But in the end you just have to move on and hope for a better tomorrow.

  6. Don’t stop dreaming and asking Needless to say I am a day and night dreamer. For someone who God has always answered, even my weird prayers I have learnt to ask some more and dream plenty.



imageimageimage.jpgShout out to man behind the lens, Fregz Photography (@studiofregz)

Outfit details

Tailored front slit off shoulder gown

Nude sandals from Lagos store

Thanks for stopping by, I anticipate your comments :* :*

Have splendid day ahead!


11 thoughts on “Happy 21st”

  1. Awwwww good lessons
    @21, you have done well for yourself dear. HappyBirthday, may God continue to increase your wisdom, lead you to the right path and keep you alive to achieve more greater things in life

    Have a funfilled and fulfilled birthday celebration…

    The pictures are veryyyyyy lovely and your outfit makes too much sense!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Slay Agbani! Slllllllaaayyy! Happy 21st Bae! Wow! you are 21?! You could jejely pass for an 18 year old without an iota of Doubt oh! Choi! forever Young someboRRy! I mean LookaChuu looking all fine and sharp.. Meehhn this Nigga be Tripping for days mehhnn 🙂 For Dayss!!

    Tosine Afolabi.. #4 #5 #6 are everything.. and my! am I proud of you and teh woman you are becoming my Darling. To say the least yeah.. that you are realizing all these amazing insights at just 21 tells for sure the amazing Lady you will be.. cause My dad Says “the Morning Tells the day..” Blessings Bubba.

    P.S: Mbok where the paRRy at eh?! i wanna come take a Selfie with the Birthday geh xx.

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