2nd Blog Anniversary + Giveaway!!!


Whoop! Whoop! It’s exactly two years to the time I made my first blog post here. Before then I had opened 3 different blogs on different occasions but I abandoned them immediately after my first post. But I knew I wanted to be a blogger just wasn’t ready. On a faithful day my big Sisto said she had started a fashion blog, and that’s was all the push i needed to start again. So I carried my blackberry and relaunch my blogging career and I have been blogging ever since then. Those who started with me here know I use to write before the fashion thang hit me. Didn’t most of us wanted to be the next Linda? Yeah! It’s so hard to keep as a celebrity blogger without tagging with the trend of copy and past. It was so exhausting mixing both with school, I drifted away at that point. I later became enlightened about the whole fashion blogging thing through blogs i used to visit ( just porsh, Cassie Daves, etc) so I stuck with fashion.

I am so grateful to God and everyone who has supported this blog with love, behind the scene advices, wonderful comments and likes, introducing the blog to people, etc. I really do appreciate.
So to show that appreciate I am giving out 4 items out. I made them 😀. imageimage.jpg


  1. Ankara sweetheart necklace
  2. ankara purse
  3. ankara hardcover book
  4. ankara necklace


1. You must be in Lagos to participate
2. Follow @folabigrace on Instagram
3. Like Folabi Grace on Facebook
4. Follow this blog via email, the follow button is right after the comment box
5. Comment by indicating the item you want eg I want A and B.
6. Also comment with the handles you used in following eg. Email: aramids@gmail.com, fbk: Aramide Ishola, IG- @aramide

Giveaway winners will be announced at month end so therefore it’s open till then. You can only win one item.
Happy Valentine’s Day, have a good one ! Thanks for stopping by

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